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Ignazio Di Salvo is a guitar player, composer, live performer and guitar maestro.
As musician he possesses an open wide music background: he studied piano, Classical guitar for seven years, he owns a Jazz Master Degree and strong Rock, Metal and Blues roots. His open love to all Music brings him to compose in different styles, from Jazz to Metal, to Pop songs to Cinematic music.
As Rock Player, he published a first solo album in 2014, he writes for Jamtrackcentral, he opened concerts and Clinics for, among others, Guthrie Govan, Reb Beach, Tom Quayle, Michael Angelo Batio and Stu Hamm. He took part to the Guitar Idol 2011 having had a very good success with the song "A night of Change". He's the winner of the Ziua Chitarelor3 Competition.
He worked as session man and leader with several bands and music projects in Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands. He's the leader and main composer of the Metal band "Silent Utopia Project".
As Jazz player, he won numerous scholarships and gained a Master Degree at Milan International Music Academy, having studied with the Italian Jazz Guitar legend Franco Cerri. He's the leader of Grooverie Band, Ignazio Di Salvo Thug Trio, Ignazio Di Salvo Jazz Trio.
He collaborates with the international company Artistco, the future of on line music selling.
Besides the concerts and composition, he's an active and followed music teacher and guitar tutor.
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