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Private lessons in Brussels

For private guitar lessons with me in Brussels write me to or just give me a call.
Every lessons is based on the topic you want : Technique, Harmony, Phrasing, Theory, Improvising, Composing, Neck visualization and many others.
I'm able to talk english, italian and french. Every lesson costs 40€ for 1 hour but you can certainly have packages for different hours or months.

Skype guitar Lessons

If you're interested in studying with me but you don't live in Belgium you can certainly do it with skype! You only need a good web-cam and internet connection.
Every lessons costs 40€ for 1 hour but you can have a package that costs 120€ for 4h.
Contact me for details.

MMi skype guitar lessons


Per coloro i quali desiderano prepararsi agli esami di ammissione, passaggio di livello o ai colloqui abilitanti Modern Music Institute è possibile studiare insieme a me il programma per i corsi MGI Base, Intermedio ed Avanzato.
Per maggiori informazioni sui programmi di studio, visita la pagina