Do you want me to record the best sounding guitars for your productions?

I can work for you as Remote Session Guitar Player. 

Back then in the '90, if you needed to record guitars for your productions you had to:

  • Hire a guitar player

  • Hire a studio

  • Physically go to the studio, carry heavy amps and guitars and spend days to get the best audio quality possible. You had to spend an incredible amount of hours setting the microphones and the amps, adding effects etc. 

  • Pay the musicians you hired, pay the studio.

  • Come back home (...And sometimes your back was in pain)

Sometimes things went bad and it often turned out in a waste of time and money, especially if you were a newcomer in the music business.

After the development of the Internet era and the technology progresses in home recording, every musician can now work with calm and relax in his/her home studio, recording the best possible guitars and exchanging the audio files through the web.

How this can be an incredible advantage for you and why you should hire me for your productions? 

  1. I work with relax from my home studio, so I will charge you only for the time I spent in playing and recording, no other costs are previewed. 

  2. No extra fees due to moving, hiring a studio and a sound engineer, carrying heavy amps. 

  3. Guitars will sound great and I can play for you practically any music style.

  4. You can have different reviews of your guitars until the result is perfect for you. 

  5. I'm a proficient sight reader and I can find the best sound for your production. I can also help you to find the guitar part that COMPLETES your song and makes it sound GREAT: no shredding (unless you ask), no big-ego stuff, no tricky-tracky, no new-steve vai-wanna be. I will just find the best sounding part for your song, even if ONLY ONE NOTE is required. 


  1. Send me an email ​. We will discuss about the work, the sounds you want, the music style etc . I'm there to listen to you. 

  2. Send me music references: anything can be good to let me achieve for you the best sound ever: please send me videos, audio files, music charts (not mandatory), sound samples... ANYTHING comes in your mind to let me make the best guitar sounds and parts for you.

  3. Pay via paypal or bank transfer ( I will provide you all the information in the email )

  4. Lets start!!!

Once the guitars are layered down I'll send you a rough mix. You can ask me to review (first 3 reviews are for free) until everything sounds perfect. 

If for any reason you won't be satisfied at all with my work, I'll refund you the payment with no problem (but honestly speaking, this never happened 'till now). I just want my clients be happy and satisfied, and I want your music sound great!

IMPORTANT: What I will need:

- Entire song in wav format
- Project datas and bpm
- Song stems (when possible)
- Examples (audio, video, sound clips) of the guitar sounds and styles you want. The more you give me information the more I can fit your ideas.
- Music Sheet (optional) 
- Information about your DAW


Standard price is 100€ for one song arrangement. This includes: 

  1. Rhythms 

  2. Solos

  3. Different types of guitars: acoustics (steel and nylon) or electrics

More songs bundles:

  • 2 songs for 180€

  • 3 songs for 250€

Then we can find different agreements for an entire EP or Album.

Extra revision fee charge: 10€

Estimated average delivery time : 2-3 days depending on the amount of work to do. 

Here you have some sound sample:

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